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Brandi's illustrious career, spanning over 25 years in catastrophic care, brings a wealth of expertise in the realm of medical case management. As a catastrophic rehab supplier, her journey has been marked by a passion for assisting individuals in their recovery journeys, ensuring that each step is guided by her extensive knowledge and compassionate approach. Through the years, her skills have provided comprehensive care and unwavering support, making her a reliable partner committed to optimizing your healthcare experience.

When she is not immersed in her professional pursuits, you can find her reveling in the joys of quality time with her husband and two sons. Whether it's laughter-filled gatherings, exploring new adventures, or simply savoring moments of togetherness, family remains at the core of her happiness.


Field Case Management

Hands-on, in person coordination of client's care across diverse environments. Collaborating with clients, families, and providers, we create customized care plans and implement interventions. This approach prioritizes personalized support and addresses challenges beyond office confines.

Remote healthcare professionals coordinating patient care through phone communication, assessing medical needs, creating personalized care plans, and providing guidance for treatment and recovery. This approach is ideal for patients needing ongoing attention without in-person visits, enhancing accessibility and care continuity.

Telephonic Case Management

Holistic strategy aiding individuals confronting life-altering injuries and/or major disasters. We assess immediate and long-term requirements, offer medical and emotional support, and navigate complex systems. This personalized help, aims to reduce impact and restore stability in very challenging times.

Short term coordinating, monitoring and/or evaluating of the client’s progress to ensure that the appropriate services are provided to meet their needs. Tasks assignments include but are not limited to, scheduling/attending appointments, conducting assessments, developing treatment plans, and parterning with external service providers.

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Catastrophic Case Management

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